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New Bloodborne DLC has gamers convinced PlayStation is 'mocking' them

New Bloodborne DLC has gamers convinced PlayStation is 'mocking' them

We will not stand for such disrespect!

It’s all fun and games until feelings get hurt, and the Bloodborne fandoms’ feelings are well and truly suffering right now.

You’d think a surprise Bloodborne freebie would please fans, or at least, that’s what Sony had hoped. Yet instead, they feel mocked.

As someone who’s been waiting in her clown makeup every PlayStation event to see the words “Bloodborne remaster”, I understand their annoyance.

Anyone else feeling slighted after the Astro Bot trailer?

This feels like some kind of “sick joke” because, despite all the begging, we’re still no closer to getting the FromSoftware remaster we so crave. Or, if we are, Sony is keeping quiet about it.

Some fans took Astro Bot’s Hunter outfit as a sign that a sequel might be coming; though even they, too, had to admit the chances were very slim. “It’s like Silksong… all we have is hope,” commented Twitter user @OrangeTeddyy.

In stark contrast, another fan said, “This is just rubbing salt in wound.” It is hard to watch Astro Bot do their little dance in the Hunter outfit, I can’t lie.

“I truly mean it when I say: the Astro series is not a celebration, it's a graveyard,” remarked @TomoAriesVT, leaving us all wondering if they’re right. Lord, we hope not.

The ire of the fandom doesn’t ease if you move to Reddit; where it’s fair to say the fans are holding back even less.

“Unless they're secretly cooking a Bloodborne remake, this seems like it's in pretty bad faith, especially when people have been requesting a Bloodborne remake/remaster for nearly five years now...” said Elden-Cringe.

We’re not just angry, we’re disappointed and tired. Maybe Sony really doesn’t realise this, but we find that hard to believe.

Thankfully, there are other ways to praise Bloodborne without feeling the fool, such as with this stunning new release that gives us an official return to the game, albeit one that still isn’t what we so desperately want.

Poor little Astro, they have no idea the amount of upset their dress-up shenanigans have caused.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco

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