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PlayStation 5 drops surprise Bloodborne freebie, we are blessed

PlayStation 5 drops surprise Bloodborne freebie, we are blessed

We've not been forgotten after all

Each day, a fresh surprise leaves Bloodborne fans both happy and deflated at the same time.

This latest freebie from PlayStation has triggered such a response.

Bloodborne fans are delighted to see a download influenced by their beloved game, yet they’re pained because a remake has been overlooked yet again.

Astro Bot is back! Check out the announcement trailer for the upcoming adventure.

In the words of Twitter user @ChrisRozenbachs, “This is just a horrible way to hurt us Bloodborne fans...”

In spite of this deep sorrow we’re all feeling, we can’t deny that this surprise drop is such a fantastic nod to the FromSoftware title.

Two worlds are about to collide if you pre-order Astro Bot Digital Deluxe Edition, as this version of the game includes “Astro’s Yharnam Hunter outfit”.

“Botborne” is here! What a blessed day!

Before you all clamber to order this edition, please bear in mind that the Hunter outfit won’t be immediately available. As detailed on the PlayStation Store, "game progression is required to unlock” it.

“This is awesome, but also painful,” posted @fancyoverture in response to the announcement; it’s a fitting and all too relatable reply.

As for the price of the special edition, it retails at approximately £20 more than the standard version.

But it isn’t just the Bloodborne outfit you’ll receive – there’s also the Golden outfit, as well as the digital soundtrack, to name but a few of the freebies available.

Is the price worth it? Probably not. Will we buy it anyway because we can dress Astro in the Hunter outfit? Yes, yes we will.

Sony might be playing us for fools, but we’re letting it by eating up this delightful, and unexpected, crossover.

And who knows, maybe the inclusion of this outfit is teasing that a Bloodborne remaster is on the way. It’s highly unlikely given how long we've been waiting for such an announcement, but you never know.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

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