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Bloodborne officially returning in stunning new release

Bloodborne officially returning in stunning new release

Take all our money right now!

We’re getting an official return for our beloved Bloodborne. However, this new release isn’t the long-awaited remaster.

To be a Bloodborne fan is to go through copious amounts of clown makeup, as we all collectively lie to ourselves that a remaster is on the horizon.

Although we’ve recently been blessed with a surprise PlayStation Bloodborne freebie, it wasn’t the announcement we’d hoped for.

The first time we saw Bloodborne, we knew we'd never forget it

Now there’s another surprise. Yet again, though, we’re left wondering why FromSoftware has betrayed us so.

Still, while we feel the sting of yet another lost remaster opportunity, we’re also excited by this official return.

Bloodborne Limited Complete Edition Guide, including The Old Hunters, is a brand-new tome that’s removed “redundant content” from the two books it’s combining.

In doing so, fans of the acclaimed title will receive an “even chunkier version of the original Bloodborne guide with all of the Old Hunters content seamlessly included.”

We’ve not seen much in the way of images, yet the single photograph we’ve laid our eyes on has us gushing over how stunning this new release is.

“I saw Bloodborne and was immediately sold,” admitted Twitter user @achxse2000, before adding, “You could sell me a blank book with Bloodborne written in it over and over again and I’d still buy it.”

Where are the lies, are we right? This action-packed dark tale from Sony has us in a chokehold; we’d purchase anything with its title on.

“You had me at Bloodborne,” said another fan, and no truer words have ever been spoken.

Hunters, it’s time to return to a foreboding but beautiful world by ordering this stunning guide. Although it doesn’t release until 20 September, this 25th Anniversary Edition book is available to pre-order right now.

Bloodborne Limited Complete Edition Guide will cost you €54.99 – which is roughly £46.47. Not a bad price to pay, we’d argue.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Computer Entertainment

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