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The Witcher 3 looks like a PS6 game in next-gen overhaul you can download now

The Witcher 3 looks like a PS6 game in next-gen overhaul you can download now

Geralt looks incredible

There’s just something about seeing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with next-gen graphics that has us as giddy as a child on Christmas morning.

With the next Witcher game on the horizon – albeit in the far, far distance – we’re traversing every inch of The Witcher 3 in the hopes of unearthing new secrets.

The “final” secret has reportedly been uncovered by a YouTuber, however, we’re certain more are waiting to be discovered. And if they’re not, well, we always have the various expansions available.

The Witcher: Sirens Of The Deep is set to land on Netflix later this year.

This next-gen overhaul we’re focusing on today isn’t as “awesome” as The Witcher 3: In Times of War, but it looks stunning, nonetheless.

CD Projekt Red has already teased that Geralt won’t be leading the next instalment, although we might see him still. As such, we need to rely on beauties like this PS6 looking overhaul to know what next-gen Geralt looks like.

Shared via Digital Dreams’ YouTube channel, the ultra modded version of the popular game is receiving much praise for how breathtaking it looks.

Fan @tomorpedreiro3032 commented, “What a beauty.”

Elsewhere, another fan lamented how they wished PS5 graphics could look this impressive; oh, how we know that wish all too well.

It’s sad that our consoles aren’t quite there yet. However, for PC players, they’re in luck because this next-gen overhaul is available to download. Assuming it won’t cause your hardware undue pressure trying to make it work...

Speaking of pressure, if you want to be pushed to your absolute limits, you should check out The Witcher 3: Primal Needs.

Consider this our gift to all you pain lovers who haven’t been punished enough by Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree; or maybe you’re not a FromSoftware fan but relish a challenge.

To find out how to get your Witcher 3 experience looking as crisp as this, read Digital Dream’s YouTube caption for the full details.

Featured Image Credit: Digital Dreams via YouTube

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