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The Witcher 3's 'final' secret is a hidden ending we all missed

The Witcher 3's 'final' secret is a hidden ending we all missed

One Youtuber has uncovered the secret

Like many major RPGs, the expansive open-worlds are home to mysteries and secrets that are still being discovered years after release and that is no different for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Released back in 2015, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is still as popular today as it was almost 10-years ago. Helped by its later expansions, Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine, the RPG by CD Projekt Red was met with critical acclaim.

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One reason why it is so popular is its attention to detail and a new secret ending has recently been discovered.

This discovery comes after CD Projekt Red's recent 20th Anniversary livestream when developer Phil Weber revealed that there was one last mystery to be found.

He hinted that the discovery was related to one important character and that the secret could be discovered around the Crookback Bog area where Geralt meets the crones earlier on in the game.

After this announcement, Youtuber xLetalis booted up The Witcher 3 and headed back to the bog to uncover the secrets behind this hidden ending.

In the video, xLetalis turned their attention to a tapestry made by one crone during the game’s worst ending where Ciri doesn’t return from entering Tor Gvalch'ca Tower and the white frost isn’t stopped.

After this, Geralt can return to Crookback Bog and see the only-living sister weaving a tapestry and talking to her dead sisters. The crone reveals that Ciri froze to death just before Geralt reunites her with her siblings.

It has now been discovered that after returning to the tapestry after the game, one of xLetalis' viewers

noticed that a previously undecipherable mark appears to mimic Tor Gvalch'ca's concept art with a small bird flying away.

Considering Ciri’s name, Zireael, translates to swallow in Elven, this imagery could mean that she was able to escape from the tower and is not dead after all.

Additionally, some fans believe that this could mean Ciri will return as the main character in the upcoming The Witcher 4 but that remains to be seen.

Featured Image Credit: CD Projekt Red

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