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Starfield update introduces highly-requested missing feature

Starfield update introduces highly-requested missing feature

Starfield has received another update, bringing a much-needed addition for PC players.

Starfield has received another update, bringing a much-needed addition for PC players.

All the hype has died down for Starfield, with its release overshadowed by the likes of other AAA titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and more.

Take a look at our favourite Starfield wins and fails below.

It’s even been snubbed at The Game Awards, only being nominated for one category, Best Role Playing Game. That being said, even die-hard fans aren’t terribly surprised by its lack of representation in the other categories, especially after all the heated debate around its quality at launch.

Regardless, Bethesda is still working on its latest IP, and while focus is slowly shifting to The Elder Scrolls VI, updates are still in the works to bring new features and DLC expansions to Starfield.

The latest features making their way into the game include enhancements for PC players, namely new graphical options to make exploring space significantly easier on the eyes.

Bethesda explained some of the new features brought via the update, confirming it “introduces Nvidia DLSS support for our PC players.”

It went on to say, “Compatible Nvidia graphic cards can now use DLSS Super Resolution, Deep Learning Anti-aliasing (DLAA), Nvidia Reflex Low Latency, and DLSS Frame generation … Please note: While DLSS Frame Generation is active, VSync needs to be toggled OFF to see the benefit. We are working to automatically adjust this setting in a future update.”

PC users will likely love this latest update, but it still isn’t enough to keep the majority of players interested. According to the latest stats, Starfield has fewer players on average on Steam than The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and while Skyrim’s player numbers are still well-deserved, it’s bad news for what should have been Bethesda’s next big IP.

That being said, there’s still more to come like the aforementioned DLC expansions, as well as mod support which is set to launch sometime next year.

Starfield is currently available on Xbox Series X/S and PC, and can also be downloaded via Xbox Game Pass.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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