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Even Starfield's fans aren't surprised game isn't up for GOTY

Even Starfield's fans aren't surprised game isn't up for GOTY

Starfield missed out on a Game of the Year nomination at the 2023 Game Awards, but fans aren't totally surprised.

It’s no secret that Starfield has missed out on a Game of the Year nomination at this year’s Game Awards, but even fans of Bethesda’s recent space epic aren’t totally surprised.

I adore Starfield, but I’m with the fans on this one. In my review earlier this year, I wrote, “Every now and then, a new game comes along that changes our perception of what the industry is capable of. Starfield is that game. This is beyond what we’ve come to know an open-world to be. Bethesda has created a universe that, despite its vast scale, maintains interest and an impressive attention to detail throughout.” I stand by that. To this day, I love that I can enter a random galaxy, be hailed by a ship out of nowhere, and be sent on a totally unexpected mission. To me, Starfield feels boundless even if it is not. It’s secured a place in my own top three games of the year. That being said, I’m still not totally surprised to see it miss out on a Game Awards GOTY nod.

Take a look at our favourite Starfield wins and fails below.

While Starfield is a great game - and one that I think will only continue to improve with age - it’s up against some incredibly tough competition this year. It’s been an unprecedented year in the industry for quality, with a potential GOTY contender practically releasing every month. Had Starfield released last year in its release state, I think it would’ve easily secured a nod. Had it been released next year, with a tad more development under its belt - adding city maps, smoothing out graphics etc - it too perhaps might’ve gained a nod.

This year though? Its competitors are just too good. In case you missed it, this year’s GOTY nominees are The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Resident Evil 4, Baldur’s Gate 3, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and Alan Wake 2. I expect Alan Wake 2 or Baldur’s Gate 3 will take home the accolade but you never know. Remember when It Takes Two’s win took us all by surprise?

As reported by PC Gamer, fans agree that while Starfield has a lot to love, it’s not totally surprising to see it miss out (The game did nab a Best RPG nom). “I really enjoy and love Starfield, but [I’m] not terribly surprised,” wrote InitialQuote000, while KopiteTheScot said, “It’s a great game in its own right but [...] for something that took this long to develop and was so hyped up, it felt like they could’ve gone a touch further in places.”

The Game Awards will air on 7 December.

Featured Image Credit: The Game Awards, Bethesda

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