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Starfield free download fixes one of the game's most annoying issues

Starfield free download fixes one of the game's most annoying issues

A major improvement for ship travel

If you’ve been wondering whether it’s worth giving Starfield another go, I’d say that now is the perfect time.

Personally, I’ve been a fan since launch but I can understand why some players felt Bethesda’s latest RPG was a tad half-baked.

In recent weeks though, several major updates have dropped adding highly requested features such as the introduction of city maps, customisable ship interiors, and bounty hunting quest boards.

We also know that the addition of land vehicles is in the works and, of course, there’s the upcoming Shattered Space expansion.

Centred on the creepy and mysterious House Va’ruun, the expansion will take us to a brand new locale - and it sounds as if it’s the first of several story expansions that Bethesda has planned.

One thing that still proves to be a point of contention though is Starfield’s fast travel which, fair to say, isn’t exactly fast.

Travelling via your ship results in a series of loading screens but you can actually boost the immersion of travel on PC via a brand new mod.

Take a look at the latest trailer for Shattered Space below.

As reported by GameRant, the mod in question is ‘Astrogate’ by NexusMods user RealityIDR.

The mod essentially gives you more control over your ship, including the addition of AutoPilot which allows you to walk around your ship’s interior whilst you’re travelling through space.

This should make things a tad more interesting so you’re not simply relying on fast travel screens.

Unfortunately, as this mod is hosted on NexusMods, it’s only available for PC users to download and enjoy.

As you may be aware, Creation Kit recently launched which is Bethesda’s official modding tool kit.

Mods uploaded this way are available to both PC and Xbox users so hopefully before long, we’ll see something like ‘Astrogate’ land on that platform.

Even better, Bethesda could be working on improvements to ship travel themselves. It’s hardly as if players have been quiet in their criticisms of this aspect of the game.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda, RealityIDR via NexusMods

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