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Starfield players surprised with tease of yet another 'major update'

Starfield players surprised with tease of yet another 'major update'

The future is looking bright for Starfield

As a result of a major update released earlier this month, Starfield is getting a much-needed resurgence and it seems as though Bethesda shows no signs of stopping when it comes to its latest RPG.

Earlier this month saw the arrival of a long-awaited Starfield update which as well as some standard quality-of-life improvements, also added key features such as better surface maps, new ship customisation items, an increase in carrying capacity and more.

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As a result of this update, Xbox has seen a 70% increase in players and it seems the sky is in fact the limit for Bethesda as according to its official website, it still has more plans for Starfield.

At the end of the official blog post detailing the new update, the team goes on to discuss “the future of Starfield”.

They say: “The team isn’t slowing down with this update. There are some major features on the horizon, including a land vehicle for speedier planetary exploration, official mod support for Starfield, and the massive Shattered Space expansion.”

With Starfield entering a lull since it was first released back in September 2023, a new series of updates will be much needed for the longevity of the game. However, fans are already suggesting new ways the title could still be improved.

One user over on r/Starfield said: “Starfield has the most potential of any of their games [...], they just need to improve on some aspects.”

Another had a plan all mapped out when they said: “2024: ground vehicles & Creation Kit Engine. 2025: seamless space travel & EVA/spacewalking. 2026 : underwater exploration & star station building”.

It remains to be seen what future updates Bethesda will be introducing but needless to say, the astral RPG still has room to grow.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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