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Stardew Valley has a hidden setting that'll make your life way easier

Stardew Valley has a hidden setting that'll make your life way easier

This is a godsend, I tell you

We’ve been playing Stardew Valley all wrong. While we need adequate time to come to terms with this grave mistake, it feels only right that we share this invaluable hidden setting with you.

If you’re wondering who’s still playing ConcernedApe’s pixelated magical sim, this article isn’t for you.

Ever since Stardew Valleys new PC patch dropped, farmers have returned to their land to sow seeds, pet cats, and generally living a blissful existence once more.

But every idyllic life is soured by the harsh reality of the grind.

Here's the Stardew Valley trailer just for you, because we're nice like that

There’ll always be someone in need of your help in this adored game, but at least this trick will make life much easier when crafting.

As detailed by Redditor MissKathryn961, there’s a way to streamline the process so that you don’t feel ready to tear up your straw hat.

“Go to your settings, there’s an option that allows you to turn on advanced crafting. This setting will allow you to see how much of an item you crafted and how many crafting materials for that item you have,” they explained.

“It shows the exact same thing for cooking as well, both of which being helpful if you depend on workbenches and fridges.”

It’ll certainly make exploring and organising all those new resources from one of many Stardew Valley downloads easier to deal with.

Though, the fact that I’ve played hundreds of hours of this game and am only discovering this setting now, will haunt me for decades to come.

I'm not alone in discovering this trick way too late in the game. User NaderYaru7 commented, “This is a game-changer! I had no idea this setting existed. Thanks for sharing this tip.”

Someone else said, “It [the setting] is extremely useful! I activated it a few days ago while searching for another setting and it changed everything!!”

What a happy little accident; one of many, it seems. Amazingly, the OP only discovered the setting by chance as well because they were bored. God bless boredom, am I right?

Featured Image Credit: ConcernedApe

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