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Stardew Valley free download adds tons of new activities and resources

Stardew Valley free download adds tons of new activities and resources

Add several new artisan machines with this handy mod

It pains me to see it but Stardew Valley’s PC players sure do seem to be having all of the fun.

I’m afraid the game’s whopping Update 1.6 still isn’t ready to launch on consoles.

Adding in a new farm type, festivals, events, NPC dialogue, crops, and home renovations, in addition to several other features, there’s plenty to keep players busy in Update 1.6.

It’s simply too bad that, for now, it’s only those on PC who get to enjoy it.

Worry not though, console players. Developer Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone is hard at work on the update’s console ports so they will be landing eventually.

PC players also have the advantage of being able to implement mods and, as reported by PCGamesN, a new one has landed that adds in several new activities and items into the game.

If you’re looking to add yet more variety to your Stardew Valley playthrough, you may want to sample ‘Cornucopia - Artisan Machines’.

Take a look at Stardew Valley in action below.

Created by NexusMods user MizuJakkaru, ‘Cornucopia - Artisan Machines’ adds, you guessed it, several new artisan machines and goods into the game.

In total, the download includes 10 new artisan machines, over 80 new artisan goods, four new special orders and “charming events” made with a “vanilla-style balance designed with both Automate and non-Automate users in mind”.

You don’t need any other mods installed in order to enjoy this particular one although the creator adds that it does compliment the ‘Cornucopia - More Crops’ mod very well.

On the topic of Stardew Valley mods, I have to urge you to download ‘Stardew Valley Expanded’ - my particular favourite - which hugely extends the game in every conceivable way.

Back to ‘Cornucopia - Artisan Machines’ though, some of the items included in the mod are a butter churn, drying rack, wax barrel, dehydrator, alembic, and yoghurt jar.

As such, you’ll be able to massively expand the food products you can create within the game.

‘Cornucopia - Artisan Machines’ is available to download now on NexusMods.

Featured Image Credit: MizuJakkaru via NexusMods

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