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Skyrim: End Times is a perfect free adventure if you're after a challenge

Skyrim: End Times is a perfect free adventure if you're after a challenge

When we say this will be a challenge, we really mean it

Skyrim is nothing short of perfect. Even with its odd quirks, which are synonymous with Bethesda at this point, it still makes for a memorable, remarkable adventure we just can’t put down.

All these years later, gamers are still unearthing hidden content they didn’t know was lurking in the intimate corners of Skyrim. Not to mention the numerous mods designed to enhance the base game so that you never have to wander far before new quests appear before you like a disgruntled NPC.

One mod that’s once again changing how we play the game is Skyrim: End Times. It’s creation born from the need to challenge the predictability that comes with being a Dragonborn, ensuring that more than just enemies stand in our way to success.

Skyrim: End Times isn't going to allow you to see the sights like our 24 Hours in Skyrim parody does

Although this Elder Scrolls title is far from easy, it’s not like you can’t beat the game – success is guaranteed no matter how many skill issues you brush off as a fault of the character controls. Such is the nature of the game. But what if you could experience the nail biting terror of having to succeed in a limited number of days? Picture The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and you’ll be close to what End Times entails.

“Alduin is the world eater, and the only person who can stop him is the Dragonborn. If DB [Dragonborn] is just lounging around all day doing Skooma and crafting iron daggers, you can bet this giant dragon isn't just going to wait patiently for you to learn how to defeat him!”

You have been warned. As tempting as it may be to consume every ingredient available to the point that you’ll die, doing so will doom everyone. It’s extremely selfish of you, we have to be honest.

From the moment you install this mod and select to play, the countdown to doomsday is ticking. You haven’t got long, Dragonborn, so get to saving the world already!

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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