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PC gamers can download and keep 19 free games right now, no strings attached

PC gamers can download and keep 19 free games right now, no strings attached

19 free games? For free? Heck yeah!

Not everything worth playing is on Steam. In fact, while Valve’s platform is a solid first stop, there’s also plenty of titles to be found on as well.

Right now, there are 19 free games you can download and play if you’re a PC gamer; that sounds like a mighty fine deal to us.

Now for something a bit different – check out the Star Wars: Tales of the Empire trailer below

These titles are of the classic variety, aka they all have that strong sense of nostalgia and dated graphics we so connect with the retro age of video games. Each of these titles offers something different, making it ideal for a wide array of players.

Here’s a full list of those games:

That's quite the selection to be getting on with. Even if there’s nothing there to your liking, there are plenty of other free games elsewhere – like 19 free Steam Games available right now.

Add to that a time limited giveaway for free store credit, and we’d argue it’s one of the best times to be a PC player.

These games were brought to our attention by Twitter account Free Steam Games, a fantastic resource for avid gamers who want to find the best deals.

Take a chance on one of the above freebies, or search to discover even more free titles to keep you busy when you’re unsure what to play next. Think of these offerings as appetisers before the main meal.

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