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Steam free store credit up for grabs, but you've under 24 hours

Steam free store credit up for grabs, but you've under 24 hours

Don't miss out on this sweet deal

Steam is filled to the brim with both beloved and new games, to the point it can feel like we don’t have enough cash to spend on the titles we want to play.

If this is a problem you’ve encountered while scrolling Steam, fear not, for there’s a chance to score yourself some free store credit. Unfortunately, however, you don’t have long before the opportunity passes you by.

As posted on Twitter account Free Steam Games, there’s a giveaway you can enter that will reward the winner with $5 worth of free Steam credit. It’s a small sum, but there’s plenty of titles it’ll buy you and/or go towards paying for.

To be in with a chance of winning, you need to follow a few simple rules.

Firstly, follow the Gamersky Games Steam page. Secondly, you need to show proof of this follow on the Twitter post mentioned above. Then, lastly, you need to like and repost the original Free Steam Games post about the competition.

Seeing as this is a giveaway, it should go without saying that only one person can win the free credit.

Unfortunately, the competition ends in under 24 hours, which means you haven’t got much time left to enter; it’ll all be over come 9 April (tomorrow). As such, get involved sooner rather than later to not miss out on this opportunity.

We take a brief break to ask the real questions in this Fallout interview below

Should you not be successful, the Valve owned platform has 19 free games for you to try (and then some). Beyond that, Steam has a wealth of untapped potential you’ve likely not accessed yet; check out the eight things you didn’t know you could do with Steam to find out more.

The countdown to the winner is on. Get involved with the Free Steam Games giveaway before it finishes on 9 April.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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