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19 free Steam games you can download and keep for April

19 free Steam games you can download and keep for April

We love to see it

We're now well into April, although nobody bothered to tell that to the weather. I've spent the last week waiting for it to stop raining for more than a day so I can get outside and do my damn gardening for my damn mental health.

But you didn't come here to read about gardening or mental health, did you? You wanted to read up on the latest free games you can currently download and keep via Steam. At the time of writing there are currently 19 new free games available via the platform, so take a look and dive in.

The 19 free games you can currently claim from Steam are:

  • Morph! - I'll be honest, I'm not really sure what this one is supposed to be. I think maybe something like Prop Hunt from Call Of Duty?
  • GOT Simulator - Destroy a city in... whatever this is. Okay, we're really starting today with some odd ones.
  • .Forty-Five - Now we're talking. A Western deckbuilder rougulike with some awesome Red Dead Redemption vibes.
  • Unreal Physics - Less of a game in the traditional sense and more of a sandbox designed to let you play around with various physics systems.
  • Metal Beans - A colourful arcade multiplayer romp.
  • Redacted - First-person zombie survival. Doesn't look brilliant, but maybe you'll get something from it.
  • Space Hat- A fast-paced sci-fi FPS with some positive reviews, there’s even some light platforming for those who like shooters where you’re always on the go.
  • Farmer's Father: The Origins- A brief prologue to the full game that lasts an hour, where the player must survive whilst endure and manage fatal wounds, illness, hunger, etc.
  • JAPP: Just Another Precise Platformer- A challenging 2D platformer that can only be controlled with your mouse
  • Merk Mayhem- A basic multiplayer shooter for casual and competitive players, where precision and movement matter.
  • Emil: A Hero's Journey - Prologue- Prologue to a “cinematic puzzle-platformer” about a child called Emil who’s looking for his father.
  • Rise Of The Overlords- Multiplayer deck-building game set in a fantasy world, not much else to say about it than that.
  • Motorbike Evolution 2024- An MMO and a racing game, an odd combination but according to the reviews it works quite well
  • Palia- A lovely little game where you’re let loose in a valley and left to your own devices to explore, craft, fish and more.
  • Charrua Soccer - Mirror Edition- A classic soccer game
  • Age of Water: The First Voyage- Set sail across the deep blue sea where you’ll fight, plunder, trade and survive the harsh conditions and creatures that lurk below the surface.
  • Deceit 2- A mystery game very similar to Among Us, where the objective is to figure out who the imposter is.
  • Forest Ranger Simulator - Apprenticeship- A simulation game where you’re a forest ranger, if that’s your cup of tea.
  • Battle Room Beta- Go to war as a miniature hero and do battle in people’s living rooms.
Featured Image Credit: Valve

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