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Mass Effect 3 gets new ending you can download in free mod

Mass Effect 3 gets new ending you can download in free mod

Fans finally feel seen

Happily ever after isn’t a conclusion Mass Effect fans know well, even despite BioWare’s attempt to soften the crushing blow of the trilogy ending.

Fighting against the end of the world – nay, the universe – is never going to end with the result you want. However, when BioWare released Mass Effect 3, it’s fair to say the original endings left a lot to be desired.

Even after the developer attempted to add a more satisfying ending for Shepard and their crew, it still felt underwhelming.

Although a happy ending doesn't quite suit the journey we joined the Normandy crew on, the one we got doesn’t either; thankfully, the fans stepped up to help with that.

Mass Effect 5 can't come soon enough.

A free download that will give you the closure you seek is available via NexusMods, and it’s called ‘Citadel Epilogue Mod’.

Yes, we did get the official Citadel DLC, however, it still had the bittersweet truth of Shepard’s actions; they were destined to sacrifice themselves either way.

But with this mod, no sour aftertaste lingers.

Its creator, Autoola, said, “Play the Citadel DLC post-credits and experience the ultimate ‘Shepard Survives’ feeling. No Cerberus. No war. No Reapers. Just fun.”

Mods can be hit and miss; still, this isn’t a time to be cautious, especially when you read all the positive feedback ‘Citadel Epilogue Mod’ has received thus far.

NexusMods member lordvatek9 posted, “Fantastic mod. I loved how seamlessly everything was edited.”

A first-time user also said, “First time using the mod and I love it.”

We’ve got quite the bumpy ride in front of us before we land safely to play Mass Effect 5, and even then, whether it lives up to our expectations is another thing entirely.

Fortunately, recent gameplay footage has reassured ME fans that everything is in hand with the future of the franchise.

Now, if BioWare could stop making us sob over doomed characters, that would be wonderful.

Featured Image Credit: Electronic Arts

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