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Mass Effect 5 fans relieved by new gameplay teaser trailer

Mass Effect 5 fans relieved by new gameplay teaser trailer

They're really Dragon this out

I think it's fair to say that BioWare fans everywhere were less than enamoured with the most recent trailer for the newly renamed Dragon Age: The Veilguard.

Released as part of Summer Game Fest, the grand reveal trailer opted for a tone not exactly in line with the dark fantasy RPG series we're used to.

With bright colours, lots of jokes, and David Bowie's Heroes providing the musical accompaniment, it was... not the vibe we'd been expecting.

"If it didn’t say Dragon Age I would have no clue what this was," complained one fan.

"You either die as Dragon Age or live long enough to see yourself become Fortnite," another remarked.

Others across social media expressed concern for the future of Mass Effect if BioWare had gotten the tone for Dragon Age so wrong, with more than one fan stressing that the next Mass Effect could be cancelled if Dragon Age fails. All of which seems like a bit of an overreaction to a trailer that didn't show a scrap of gameplay.

Clearly EA and BioWare caught wind of the negative reaction; a whole day ahead of the full gameplay reveal trailer for Dragon Age: The Veilguard, we got an early teaser ostensibly designed to allay any concerns that BioWare has lost its way.

Indeed, over on the BioWare subreddit fans seem much more on board with the gameplay teaser. And if you don't care about Dragon Age but wondered if this would have a negative impact on Mass Effect 5? Well, you're probably breathing a sigh of relief right now too.

"It's much better than the sh*tty companion trailer," one Reddit user commented in response to the gameplay teaser.

Another responded: "BioWare trailers have always been weird. I was put off by the style, too, but I'm stoked for the game."

Basically, the headline here is whether you're a Dragon Age stan or simply waiting for the next Mass Effect to roll around, BioWare still has the goods. Let's wait for the full gameplay reveal tomorrow before we really lose our heads, yeah? Yeah.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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