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Hogwarts Legacy: Night Curfew hailed as 'amazing' by impressed fans

Hogwarts Legacy: Night Curfew hailed as 'amazing' by impressed fans

Don't get caught wandering the halls of Hogwarts Legacy during curfew hours!

Hogwarts Legacy was released earlier in the year and while the hype may have calmed since launch, it’s still a game that Harry Potter fans cannot get enough of.

Hogwarts Legacy takes place during the 1890s, long before the events of Fantastic Beasts and Harry Potter. In this action RPG developed by Avalanche Software, you play as a promising, yet mysterious student who begins their academic career at the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during the fifth year to the surprise of students and tutors alike.

Check out the Hogwarts Legacy trailer below!

Whether you are partaking in main story missions or exploring the halls of Hogwarts Castle and its surrounding areas such as Hogsmeade Village, there’s plenty of fun to be had in Hogwarts Legacy. That being said, as much as fans love their adventures in the action RPG, some are eager for a sequel and have one major request for Hogwarts Legacy 2.

However, until the arrival of a sequel, devoted fans are making necessary improvements to the original game such as this mod that remasters Hogwarts Legacy and even adds new content. Another mod that can be hailed as amazing content for fans is Night Curfew from indie developer nathdev.

Fans of Harry Potter will know that students are not supposed to wander the Hogwarts halls past the curfew, and if you do, you’ll be in trouble. With that in mind, nathdev has taken that element and expanded it further in Hogwarts Legacy by essentially turning it into a mini-game.

If you dare to wander the Hogwarts halls during curfew hours and are caught by the prefects, you will be sent back to your Common Room in shame with an added 100 Knuts taken as a penalty. So you better keep track of the updated mini-map which will inform you when those pesky prefects are near. The Night Curfew mod is available to download for free via Nexus Mods.

Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. It also arrives on Nintendo Switch on 14 November 2023, assuming it suffers no further delays.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, nathdev via Nexus Mods

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