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Hogwarts Legacy fans have one request for Hogwarts Legacy 2

Hogwarts Legacy fans have one request for Hogwarts Legacy 2

Hogwarts Legacy fans are hoping they'll be able to carry their saves over into a potential sequel.

Whether you think Hogwarts Legacy deserves a Game of the Year nomination or not, you cannot deny that the game was - and continues to be - an immense commercial success. With that in mind, a sequel feels like a given.

No sequel has yet been announced, or DLC for that matter, but that’s not wholly surprising. Hogwarts Legacy is yet to release on Nintendo Switch. That’s due to happen next month on 14 November. For a while, fans thought the port might be cancelled seeing as it wasn’t included during the latest Nintendo Direct. There’s also the fact that the game underwent various simplifications in order to run on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which does make you wonder how the Switch will cope. One leaker claims the game runs well but utilises “stylised” graphics. It remains to be seen if that’s true though. In the meantime, those who have already finished the game are putting forth their one request for the sequel.

Enjoy a tour of Hogwarts’ four house common rooms below.

Well, in truth, there’s quite a few things fans want from a sequel but Reddit user MapleJap suggested: “Here’s the one thing I want in a Hogwarts Legacy sequel. If Hogwarts Legacy 2 ever happens, I beg of Avalanche Software to allow players to transfer saves from Hogwarts Legacy. Exactly like BioWare did with Mass Effect, and Dragon Age.” It’s a good call.

At the end of Hogwarts Legacy, without going into too much detail, players make a crucial moral decision regarding what to do with an immense power. It would be strange for a sequel to ignore which choice we made. User dmastra97 agreed, writing, “I want consequences for choosing the bad path or using unforgivables.”

Others complained that the game’s main character was too overpowered, arguing that a sequel should start afresh. I guess we’ll have to sit tight, and wait to find out what Avalanche has in store.

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