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Hogwarts Legacy free multiplayer mode still being worked on, developer confirms

Hogwarts Legacy free multiplayer mode still being worked on, developer confirms

PC players can rest assured that further updates are still due to arrive for the popular HogWarp multiplayer mod.

While Hogwarts Legacy may not have a native multiplayer mode, there is the hugely popular HogWarp mod. Shortly after Hogwarts Legacy launched, HogWarp took off like a rocket, with players gathering in 100-plus lobbies for a bit of chaotic multiplayer fun.

The popularity of HogWarp showcases just how strong the desire is from players for a multiplayer mode. Unfortunately, the standard version of HogWarp only supports up to 10 players - with the 160 player occasion being a stress test used to look into expanding that 10-player number. Those who still enjoy diving into Hogwarts Legacy though may have noticed that updates for this mod have been far and few between, with the last landing in June 2023. The sad thing is, we’re still not quite in a position to enjoy enormous lobbies but there is hope. The Together Team has commented on the future of the mod.

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In the official HogWarp Discord server, one user asked the devs if they plan on updating the mod further. One responded, saying, “For now, we are focusing on other projects but we plan on completing it later.” I wouldn’t exactly say this is music to our ears as it's fairly vague, but it’s at least a step in the right direction. Hogwarts Legacy PC players can at least now look ahead to those (hopefully) enlarged lobby sizes whenever they may land.

As for those of us who didn’t play the game on PC, there is still hope. Devs recently took to Twitter to comment on the future of Hogwarts Legacy. We know that the PlayStation-exclusive Haunted Hogsmeade quest is set to land on Xbox, Switch, and PC this summer. Devs also teased a number of ‘updates’ and ‘features’ set to be revealed in the coming months.

It’s not out of the question then to imagine that Hogwarts Legacy may finally be getting the companion system fans have been clamouring for since release. It’s easily one of the most sensical additions. We’ll just have to see what the future holds though.

Featured Image Credit: HogWarp - The Together Team

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