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Hogwarts Legacy DLC and new features announced as game approaches anniversary

Hogwarts Legacy DLC and new features announced as game approaches anniversary

Hogwarts Legacy updates and DLC confirmed

Developer Avalanche Software has officially announced new DLC and a slew of new updates and features for Hogwarts Legacy, coming this year.

If you've been following Hogwarts Legacy, you'll know the open-world adventure has sold roughly a gazillion copies and is already generating sequel discussions. Now, as the Harry Potter RPG approaches its first anniversary, further updates are on the horizon.

Take a look at Hogwarts Legacy in all its glory below!

Over on social media, developer Avalanche Software confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy will continue to be updated throughout 2024. They reminded fans on platforms outside of PlayStation that the previously PlayStation exclusive quest Haunted Hogsmede would be available for free next month, before teasing more to come beyond.

"As we near the one-year anniversary of Hogwarts Legacy, we wanted to let our community know that the Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation-exclusive content will be available on other platforms later this summer, along with additional updates and features for the game," reads a post on Twitter. "Stay tuned in the coming months for more details on what’s coming to Hogwarts Legacy this year."

What exactly these updates will entail remains to be seen, though I highly doubt Avalance Software and Warner Bros would make a point of teasing the kind of regular updates that simply fix bugs and improve subtler aspects of gameplay.

My assumption is that Harry Potter fans can expect new ways of playing the game, though whether that entails new modes or whole new paid expansions remains to be seen. Given the popularity of Hogwarts Legacy, I'd bet it's a combination of the two. We'll find out for sure together this year, so keep your eyes peeled.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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