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Hogwarts Legacy update builds hope for a companion system

Hogwarts Legacy update builds hope for a companion system

Hogwarts Legacy fans are convinced that the cut companion system could be restored in the game's first major update.

Almost one year after the game originally launched, we finally have confirmation that an update is on its way to Hogwarts Legacy including multiple new features.

The announcement was issued on Friday evening, when devs took to Twitter to write, “As we near the one-year anniversary of Hogwarts Legacy, we wanted to let our community know that the Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation-exclusive content will be available on other platforms later this summer, along with additional updates and features for the game. Stay tuned in the coming months for more details on what’s coming to Hogwarts Legacy this year.” Given that the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop DLC was suspected to launch on all platforms in February, fans are disappointed at the delay. In the meantime though, many have taken to theorising over what those other updates and features could be with many convinced that a companion system might be on the way.

Enjoy a calming tour of Hogwarts’ four house common rooms below.

Players have been after a companion system ever since Hogwarts Legacy launched in February 2023. What’s perhaps most annoying is that we know that such a system was planned as related files have been datamined. You can see it in action on missions that see you travel around with characters like Sebastian and Poppy. It’s suspected that originally, you might’ve been able to pick a character to accompany you during free roam sections of the game.

Clearly, this isn’t an option in the final release but given that files exist, fans are wondering whether devs could restore this content - particularly given that this update has been so long in the making. “I'm hoping they can add the companion system. It seems that system was very far into development and likely got cut only a few months before the release so hopefully they had time to finish developing it by now,” wrote Reddit user No_Scarcity_1682 while CastielFangirl2005 said, “I need the companion system. Imagine adventuring with Sebastian and Ominis.”

“Hoping for a companion system and more ways to interact with the world, even basic stuff like sitting on benches and sleeping,” commented DragonApocalypse. Other users are hoping for a photo mode and new game plus. It’s the least we can expect after one year plus, surely.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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