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GTA 6 be damned, GTA 5.5 is a huge expansion that’ll keep us busy till 2025

GTA 6 be damned, GTA 5.5 is a huge expansion that’ll keep us busy till 2025

Sorry, we're busy for the next year

Rockstar Games has been dangling GTA VI in front of us for years now, and while we’ve finally been given a trailer, we’re still being drip fed information intermittently.

As a result, Rockstar fans are getting fed up, with their frustration leading them to look for other thrilling rides to keep them out of mischief in real life.

You could keep analysing every microscopic detail of the GTA VI trailer, but where’s the fun in that when you can run wild in a huge GTA V expansion instead?

Here's the gameplay and visuals showcase for GTA 5.5. Enjoy!

The last GTA title is on our minds of late, not least of all because we now know whether we made the right choices, after the canon ending was quietly confirmed.

Two options now stand before you: come to terms with the mistakes you made, or replay the game with additional extras along for the ride. If you choose the latter, ‘GTA 5.5’ is the bumper expansion you’re looking for.

“Better graphics, better weather, better driving, more nice cars to steal, more interesting things that can happen if you do, better gangs, better peds, better shootouts, more interesting but easier police, topped off with some more realism and immersion.”

That sounds like more game than we can handle... Just kidding! We’re ready to hotwire a car and begin racing the streets once more (only in-game, of course).

Given the fact that this is a fan-made mod, expecting perfection would be foolish. However, while some players have struggled to get their footing with this expansion, others have been more fortunate.

“Love the mod,” posted NexusMods user VinPowah, “It's amazing and it's great work.”

Further down the comments, user torrih91 added, “Overall this mod is very well made. Congratulations to the author.”

We know what we’re going to be doing until 2025, and it isn’t just sat staring at YouTube hoping for a new Rockstar trailer.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games, FOX20THCENTURY – NexusMods

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