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Fallout: Salt Lake Stories hailed as some of the best Fallout in years, and it's free

Fallout: Salt Lake Stories hailed as some of the best Fallout in years, and it's free

Fallout fans should check out Salt Lake Stories, a fantastic mod hailed as one of the best Fallout experiences out there.

Fallout 5 is many, many years away from release. I hear you. It’s sad but it’s true. Starfield may now have been released, but Bethesda devs are hard at work providing post-launch support.

We know that city maps are being added into the game this year, and let’s not forget about the Shattered Space expansion - something we know very little about at this point in time. When the focus does shift away from Starfield, it’s assumed that work will properly commence on The Elder Scrolls VI - a game many devs fear was revealed too early. You can see then why Fallout 5 is unlikely to be released in the next five or six years, potentially longer. Thankfully, Fallout boasts one of the best modding communities out there, breathing fresh life into old favourites.

Amazon’s Fallout TV series premieres on 12 April. Check out the show in action below.

There are so many Fallout mods to choose from that it can be hard to know where to begin, but I strongly urge New Vegas players to check out Salt Lake Stories. Created by Nexus Mods users Yossarian22 and Radioactivman, the mod is set around the titular Great Salt Lake. Players will visit a “unique” travel map where they’re able to discover “15 mini worldspaces, 100 interiors and 30 quests with over 50,000 voiced words of dialogue”. The devs were partly inspired by the Van Buren Design Documents.

They note that you’ll be able to complete most missions without resorting to violence, but you may rely on your gun from time to time. The biggest challenge is perhaps the fact that there are no quest markers, resulting in what is a very immersive experience. The mod should take you around 10 hours to complete, so is certain to keep you entertained.

It was first launched back in 2018 but Salt Lake Stories is one of those mods that does the rounds online from time to time as new players dive in. Reddit user JesterRaiin is one such player: “Just replaying [Tale of Two Wastelands] and for the first time, I tried the Salt Lake Stories mod. It’s amazing. It’s big. It’s story heavy. It’s lore heavy and lore friendly. It features well polished characters and locations. There are tons of new good looking and useful weapons and armours. There are hard choices to make. There's a possibility to get your car and travel on the map. There are multiple quests and challenges.” What more could you want?

The mod is available to download for free from Nexus Mods.

Featured Image Credit: Yossarian22 and Radioactivman via NexusMods

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