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Nintendo drops free Switch downloads you have one month to claim

Nintendo drops free Switch downloads you have one month to claim

A freebie? Don't mind if we do!

Set your alarms for a month’s time, for that’s how long you’ve got to download these freshly dropped Nintendo downloads.

More often than not, Mario adorns the Nintendo Siwtch Online selection of profile icons because he’s everyone’s favourite Italian plumber.

However, this latest drop of free Switch downloads aren't depictions of the new Mario but his retro adventures instead; specifically Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels.

Say hello to the new Mario & Luigi: Brothership announcement trailer that has us excited for autumn.

Released in the 1980s, this retro favourite didn't make its international debut until 1993 when it launched on the SNES.

Many ports of the title have launched since then, but we’ve not had many opportunities to show off our love for this classic.

Most exciting about this collection is Blue Bowser being officially recognised. First seen in The Lost Levels, we don’t see the antagonist appear thereafter, sadly.

“Bowsers missing blue brother is an official Nintendo icon!” rejoiced a fan on Twitter.

The celebrations were cut short, though, as fans were sad due to the lack of unique borders for these retro icons.

User @TheHiddenChest remarked, "It's a shame these retro icons never get unique borders or backgrounds.”

While the characters might not be the ones we want to see, or they’ve not been given enough special edition features, seeing The Lost Levels make a return has fans wanting to replay the game.

Mario & Luigi: Brothership is due to come out this November; what better way to prepare for this new RPG release than to play a classic title?

If you want to download these freebies, you have until 5 August to claim them. After that, they’ll be gone, though maybe not for good... You know how Nintendo likes to repeat NSO images on occasion.

Don't miss out – act now.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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