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Mario & Luigi: Brothership to launch on Nintendo Switch this November

Mario & Luigi: Brothership to launch on Nintendo Switch this November

Mario & Luigi is back!

Ladies and gentlemen, Mario & Luigi is back with a new release on the Nintendo Switch, and it’s not a remaster either.

Today brings us the latest Nintendo Direct showcase, where Nintendo plans to show the world what fresh new titles it has cooking for 2024 and beyond, and what a strong opening it's been with with Mario & Luigi: Brothership.

Check out the trailer for Mario & Luigi: Brothership below.

The new trailer opened with a gorgeous cinematic of the two brothers wandering around, doing goofy things, and you could instantly tell it was a Mario & Luigi game based on the art style alone.

Then the trailer moved on to a bit of gameplay, showing the pair exploring some awesome new worlds and levels, with plenty of jumping, battling, and teamwork that essentially defines the Mario & Luigi series.

Similar to the first two Paper Mario titles, Mario & Luigi games see the pair working together like never before with various button commands. Timing these commands can lead to powerful combos in the heat of battle, and can also be used to execute traversal methods while exploring.

The latest entry in this RPG series looks to be taking a lot of inspiration from the roots of the series, while incorporating plenty of new characters, abilities, and an all-new cast of villains.

The last Mario & Luigi game we had was Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey which released in 2018, as the developer AlphaDream unfortunately closed its doors a few years ago.

Fear not, as it seems the series is indeed alive and well, and if new entry is successful, hopefully it leads to more.

Mario & Luigi: Brothership will release on Nintendo Switch on 7 November later this year.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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