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New Legend Of Zelda game leaks ahead of full reveal

New Legend Of Zelda game leaks ahead of full reveal

I don't want no Deku Scrubs

Update (18 June 2024 3:51pm):

It's real! Nintendo just announced The Legend Of Zelda: Echoes Of Wisdom, a brand-new 2D game in which we actually play as the princess herself.

Original story follows...

Is there anything more exciting than the prospect of a new Zelda game? I say this as a Zelda fan, obviously. Maybe you don't care at all. But then I'd ask why you're even here.

The Legend Of Zelda games typically take big swings and risks, meaning our next adventure in Hyrule (or neighbouring realm) could look or play drastically different to what came before.

As you may have heard by now, Nintendo very recently announced that we're getting a new Nintendo Direct tomorrow (18 June). And it just so happens details of a new Zelda game are being shared online by leakers.

According to a leaker known as Midori, Nintendo has been working on a new Zelda game with the codename "Edward", though it's unclear whether this is a remake, a port, or a brand-new game.

What's notable is that this claim was made in a chain of messages that also predicted the Nintendo Direct would be held on 18 June, which we now know to be true. Will we see the new Zelda game revealed during this Direct? It'd certainly make sense.

One thing to remember as we temper our expectations: Nintendo has made it clear "there will be no mention of the Nintendo Switch successor" during tomorrow's Direct.

Given we know the Switch 2 is coming sooner rather than later, I don't think Nintendo would release another brand-new mainline Zelda game for the current Switch.

Far more likely is a remaster or port, something like Twilight Princess HD or The Wind Waker HD. We could even get something closer to a remake (I dream of a remake of the Oracle games), but I just don't see there being a huge surprise.

For now we'll have to wait, and tune in together at 3pm BST tomorrow. If we get an Oracle Of Ages/Seasons remake, you will hear me screaming from wherever in the world you are.

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo

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