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Mafia 5 already in development alongside Mafia 4

Mafia 5 already in development alongside Mafia 4

We could be getting not one but TWO new Mafia games

Back in October 2023, we discovered that Mafia 4 was in the works, with its devs using the Unreal Engine to fuel its iconic imagery. However, it isn’t only Mafia 4 that’s being worked on but Mafia 5 as well.

We know, the news blew our minds too. But according to numerous sources, Mafia 5 is real and is being developed alongside Mafia 4, which seems surprising considering we’ve yet to see a Mafia 4 trailer.

As much as we know it makes sense to be cautious when hearing news like this, it’s hard when you see signs that Hangar 13 are looking for new executive producers to work on an undisclosed title. While this may have nothing to do with the Mafia franchise, it’s hard not to connect those dots.

Mafia fans surely don't need reminding that there's the teaser for the Mafia: Trilogy available

Many fans are convinced. “Developing multiple sequels at the same time is a common practice in game development, Activision with COD, Ubisoft with Assassin's Creed and EA with FIFA,” explained one gamer.

“And if you say Hangar 13 doesn't have enough people to carry out an undertaking as large as two Mafia games at once, they have been on a major recruitment drive the last two or so years [...] This just means that Take Two is now fully invested in the Mafia franchise, it took nearly twenty years for it to happen. Sometimes a good thing is just a good thing.”

Of course, gaming layoffs are rife at the moment, meaning development, if it has started, could just as quickly be culled. Nevertheless, it would seem that we’re going to get a lot of new Mafia content from 2K Games in the future.

After all, Hangar 13 isn’t known for anything else – we’re not sure if it’s created anything else – thus the idea it’s suddenly changed its pattern of behaviour sounds suspect to us. Of course, regardless of if it’s truly Mafia 5 in development or not, it’ll be a long time before we see it launch.

Featured Image Credit: 2K Games

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