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Mafia 4 development has started, game to use Unreal Engine 5

Mafia 4 development has started, game to use Unreal Engine 5

It's bad enough waiting for GTA 6 to launch, now there's news Mafia IV is on its way...

We might all be waiting with bated breath for the GTA 6 official trailer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t set our sights on another franchise. Specifically, Mafia.

Arguably a classic series, Mafia has been capturing the hearts of wanna-be gangsters since the early 00s, so much so that whenever hopes of a Peaky Blinders game rear their head, everyone says it needs to be like Mafia. It’s an iconic template. This is why the news that Mafia IV is in development is a cause for celebration.

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The 2K Games title will be created using Unreal Engine 5, to the surprise of absolutely no one – it offers such crisp, sleek graphics, few other engines compare to it, even more so since the Unity controversy. That being said, while all evidence points to Mafia IV coming to a console near us in the future, there are no images to support that theory, only a LinkedIn job posting that fans are certain is about Mafia.

Unfortunately, as is the way with stories such as these, the job listing has now been removed, seemingly because the position has been filled. Despite not being able to see the listing for yourself, fans are taking the news as gospel, conveniently ignoring the layoffs that happened last year at 2K. “I cannot wait for this game! I grew up playing Mafia 2 and it will always have a special place in my heart,” said 2112flybynight.

Another user allowed their enthusiasm to run away with them, saying, “Imagine if they add a Nemesis-like (Shadow of Mordor) system but with mob bosses, etc. Let you take over the city but some random crew(s) come in and try to attack and take over your properties; it would give players something to constantly do after the campaign is over.”

In the words of a great baboon, “It is time”. Fandoms are fed up with waiting, even when they know it’s worthwhile for the end result – we’ve seen that with Cyberpunk2077 Phantom Liberty, and how fans believe the DLC is further proof that the base game launched too early.

Featured Image Credit: 2K Games

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