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Unreal Engine 5 bodycam horror game looks like PT on steroids

Unreal Engine 5 bodycam horror game looks like PT on steroids

A trailer has been revealed for the horror title Paranormal Tales - based on found footage, players will experience multiple stories.

October is the perfect time to delve into the world of horror, whether that’s by watching a spooky film or immersing yourself in a creepy game. Or alternatively, making the conscious decision to do neither because you value having a restful sleep. I’m not going to tell you which category I fall into here.

Just in case the plethora of scary games already out there wasn’t enough for you, as reported by DSOGaming, a trailer has now been released for an upcoming bodycam-style horror game called Paranormal Tales, or PT (not the Silent Hills P.T. - don’t get it twisted). The game sees the player wander around a dark forest searching for their dog, Teddy - a plight I can wholeheartedly get behind. Unfortunately though, wandering around a sinister forest alone at night never tends to be a good idea in these sorts of things.

Check out the teaser trailer for Paranormal Tales right here - be wary of jump scares.

Paranormal Tales is a bodycam-style horror game based on found footage where you experience the tragic tales of those who went missing,” the official synopsis on Steam reads. “Do you have what it takes to reach the end of the footage?”

According to the Steam description, players will experience multiple different stories as each video is “a self-contained experience where you get to explore what happened to the people who have recorded these files”. The whole thing is being powered by Unreal Engine 5, too. It genuinely sounds like a really cool idea, and if the trailer is anything to go by, it won’t be for the weak of heart.

Paranormal Tales is being developed by Horror Cam Committee, and will be published by Joure. Currently, no release window has been given for the title, but you can wishlist it on Steam right now.

Featured Image Credit: Horror Cam Committee /Joure

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