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Hogwarts Legacy 2 set to be bigger and better than you expected

Hogwarts Legacy 2 set to be bigger and better than you expected

Hogwarts Legacy 2 will likely be bigger and better than the first game by far, especially after its financial success in 2023

Given the financial success of Hogwarts Legacy, a sequel is pretty much guaranteed, and it’ll likely be a much bigger and better game overall.

There’s no denying Hogwarts Legacy had an exceptional first year. The wizarding world of Harry Potter game closed off 2023 as the best-selling game and while it wasn’t perfect it was definitely a step in the right direction.

Take a look at Hogwarts Legacy below

The next Harry Potter game awaiting a release will finally allow fans to play quidditch online with their friends. This was a feature many fans wanted to see in Hogwarts Legacy, though it was unfortunately absent. There was an in-game explanation as to why Hogwart’s famous Quidditch pitch lay dormant, though the real reason was likely a lack of development time.

Looking ahead though, it’s practically guaranteed that there’ll be a Hogwarts Legacy 2, and if the first game’s popularity means anything it’ll likely be a huge improvement.

Warner Bros Games CEO David Haddad recently teased the sequel, and while he didn’t outright confirm a second game is in development, he did confirm plans for “a series of other things” set in the Hogwarts Legacy universe.

If Avalanche Software is given a bigger budget for a sequel, it’ll have the chance to introduce loads of features fans have requested for months, some of which have made their way into the game already via mods.

This includes more open-world areas to explore, more spells/traversal options, greater customisation of characters, and arguably the most requested feature, a morality system. Since Hogwarts Legacy gives players the option to use unforgivable curses, many players were hoping there’d be no limit on how evil your wizard could be, and that their actions would have consequences within the world and Hogwarts itself. Fans are hoping to see a punishment system like Rockstar Games’ Bully in a second game.

There’s currently no word on when development for Hogwarts Legacy 2 will begin, if it hasn’t already, though there’s every chance a teaser will pop up sometime in the next few years.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Games

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