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Hogwarts Legacy provides in-game reason for why nobody is playing Quidditch

Hogwarts Legacy provides in-game reason for why nobody is playing Quidditch

Students were made of softer stuff back then.

Hogwarts Legacy does not feature Quidditch as a pastime for the protagonist to take up, and while this a very odd omission, the game does mention why the pitches are locked down for the foreseeable.

Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup slapped, and frankly, it is despicable that fans have missed out on a game that replicates the thrill of it. I used to love ruining everyone's third year at Hogwarts, eviscerating the other three houses by bringing Slytherin to the top. It wasn't that I agreed with their malleable moralities, it was more that I knew they had the best brooms. Honestly, Madam Pomfrey was probably inundated with students suffering from the curse of Depressio Totalus once the summer term was over.

Check out everything you can find in Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy below:

As Quidditch is such a major part of the school's history and is pivotal in the series of Harry Potter films, fans were disappointed to discover you can't play the sport in Hogwarts Legacy. The character can fly on their broomstick to the pitch but the feature is only for “race challenges” and exploration, though there is a flying class to master a set of broomstick skills.

According to the game's story, the reason why no one is allowed to play Quidditch is due to an "unfortunate injury" on the pitch in the final of the last season. Personally, I probably would have explained this with the fact that there is a recent resurgence of Dark Wizards and the school staff can maintain security across the whole of the grounds rather than creating an opportunity for possible distractions. Seeing that Harry Potter had his arm bones dissolved in one game and they continued on nonetheless. But that's just me.

Hogwarts Legacy is ruling the roost, becoming Steam's most-played single-player game in the three days that it's been live in early access. It's clear that the controversies that the game has suffered haven't had a palpable effect on its bottom line, and so, detractors are posting spoilers on social media and review aggregate sites to prevent fans from enjoying the game.

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