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Hogwarts Legacy praised for 'not making every Slytherin an a**hole'

Hogwarts Legacy praised for 'not making every Slytherin an a**hole'

Hogwarts Legacy players are happy that not all Slytherin students are mean like they are in the Harry Potter films.

If you’re a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S or PC owner, today marks Hogwarts Legacy’s release day which means you’ll soon be faced with a very, very important choice.

The first rite of passage for every student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is to put on the Sorting Hat to be sorted into your house. Players can either import their house from Pottermore if you’ve already taken the sorting quiz, or you can simply pick whichever appeals to you the most. Bear in mind though, Hufflepuff has the best house-exclusive quest, Gryffindor has the most house-exclusive quests, and Ravenclaw seemingly has the least. Slytherin lies somewhere in the middle but fans are pleased with one aspect of Slytherin.

Tour the magical village of Hogsmeade below.

Players took to Reddit to celebrate the fact that not every Slytherin in Hogwarts Legacy is an a**hole as they tend to be in the Harry Potter films. User Lonleybeck wrote, “Thank you for not making every Slytherin an a**hole. Something I'm absolutely loving in the game so far is all of the side characters. While I understand that Slytherin is the house the evil wizards were all basically from previously, it's so refreshing having characters in the house I'm from still fit the description of 'Slytherin' and not be just absolute dicks.”

“Professor Ronen is so upbeat. Sebastian has such pure motives at heart, even Ominous the more you learn about his background as well,” they added. “I just really appreciate the work they put in to make everyone actually feel human, not just 'evil and mean' or 'good and kind'.” Plenty of other players agreed.

ElkFamiliar4976 wrote, “I love it. It shows ambition doesn’t equate evil. Like Sebastian is such a great example that at surface [level], he just seems ambitious but then explains [why, spoilers redacted].” DaMac1980 added, “The movies definitely made them comically evil or at least uncaring. Glad to see this game giving more depth, despite their motivations.” Will you be picking Slytherin house?

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