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Hogwarts Legacy is already being bombed with 0/10 reviews

Hogwarts Legacy is already being bombed with 0/10 reviews

The game has been plagued with controversies over the course of its development.

Hogwarts Legacy might be the most promising launch for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for some time, but the commotion over the game's association with the problematic opinions of author J. K. Rowling continues to spiral outwards.

Previously, the critics had swarmed social media to spoil significant plot points that always occur in spite of the player's choices. And, a website set up to track Twitch streamers who had or hadn't played the game, irrespective of their knowledge of the game's controversies, was seen in two starkly different lights. One crowd was saying it encouraged targeted harassment whereas the others were arguing that it gave them a good picture of who wasn't fussed about what their purchase or promotion of Hogwarts Legacy might mean.

Take a tour of Hogsmeade, the modest and charming village near the Hogwarts station, here:

Hogwarts Legacy is hardly unique for its association with an series of worrying events that happened during its development. As an example, A Better Ubisoft claims that there has been "minimal" effort to reform toxic office culture at the publisher, but we haven't see a campaign against the support of Assassin's Creed Mirage.

As you might have heard, Hogwarts Legacy reviewed rather well, encapsulating what Harry Potter fans had been waiting for in an ambitious open-world game. However, as a result of the RPG's early access period, plenty have already unravelled the central conspiracy and naysayers are posting these irrefutable story spoilers in the low-scoring user reviews on Metacritic.

If you're yet to play Hogwarts Legacy, we would recommend muting as many words to do with the game on social media, or take a break from social media until you're done with the main storyline. Something tells me the protests aren't going to be over for a while.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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