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Hogwarts Legacy website created to track and boycott streamers shut down after 24 hours

Hogwarts Legacy website created to track and boycott streamers shut down after 24 hours

At the moment, there's been no acknowledgement that the website is gone.

A website that tracked which Twitch streamers have been playing Hogwarts Legacy in order for critics to see the content creators to avoid in the future has now been shut down, with no notice from the person who set it up.

If the fact that a website like this would be in existence in the first instance surprises you, then let us shed a little light on the controversial parts of Hogwarts Legacy. For a fair few Harry Potter fans, the legacy of the books and films have been marred by author J. K. Rowling's transphobia, which she has been publicly posting for several years. Hogwarts Legacy isn't officially out yet, yet those with early access thanks to their Deluxe or Collector's Edition goodie bag have been able to get started with the game and stream their experience to their Twitch channels. The game is so popular that it's broken the record for the most-watched single-player game, a title previously defended by Cyberpunk 2077.

This is what it's like to fly a Hippogriff in Hogwarts Legacy:

Sam Gibbs announced the "" website as a way of spreading awareness of the game's association with the transphobia of Rowling and accountability for those who played the game with or without this prior knowledge. The website was divisive, with equal amounts of praise and negativity, and now it looks like it is no more. If you try to load that URL, the website says, "This service has been suspended by its owner." Gibbs has not acknowledged the disappearance of the website at the time of writing.

"I do not own or play [Hogwarts Legacy] but this feels like going too far... You want to target people? Why is this game where we choose to draw the line? I don't see people being attacked for going to Universal Studios which also lines Rowling's pockets," argued one. "Look, I get it, you don’t want to support Hogwarts Legacy. I sure as hell don’t. But this sh*t looks bad on EVERYONE. You could’ve used the time to donate to a LGBT charity and yet you chose to do this?!" added another.

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