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GTA 6 quietly teased in new GTA 5 update

GTA 6 quietly teased in new GTA 5 update

But what could it mean?

It appears Rockstar Games are testing out GTA VI features via all the new GTA V updates; it’s what the fans believe, but is it true?

Without much to go on, it’s not surprising GTA fans are sending themselves around the bend with speculation.

Everyone, including Xbox, is getting jumpy about GTA VI for varying reasons.

Currently, fans are concerned about the upcoming title because of a key feature being locked behind a paywall in GTA Online. The fear is that such traits will be carried over to the new game.

We might as well watch the GTA VI trailer while we're discussing this teaser, seeing as it's the only trailer we have

This apparent connection between the two is what’s leading some to believe that GTA VI teasers are peppered throughout the new GTA V update.

Redditor salty-warden-_21 asked, “New GTA V update could be testing mechanics for GTA VI roleplaying?”

Their proof being a screenshot of the new bounty hunting dispatch work that has been added to the game.

From there, fans playfully pieced together the narrative of the next instalment with humorous results.

“Dang, so the twist in GTA VI is Lucia and Jason are disgusted by what they see, and the people they hang out with, and become the first ‘police’ of the series,” posted Boiled_Thought.

“The whole second half of the game is busting past associates and working wholeheartedly with the law.”

Can you imagine if this turns out to be true? We’re not sure how the fans would react to such a twist!

Further down in the comments, others quickly pointed out that these types of missions are hardly new for the Rockstar Games series.

User MeepersOfficial explained, “These police missions are in GTA III, VC, SA, and IV. This ain't new, it's just reused content for the sake of a new update.”

Even if this isn’t a teaser and merely the wishful thinking of a hyped-up fan, we can’t hold it against them – Rockstar is giving us nothing to work with here.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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