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GTA 6 fans concerned as Rockstar locks key feature behind paywall

GTA 6 fans concerned as Rockstar locks key feature behind paywall

What will the future hold?

We once again enter the panic phase in the run up to GTA VI’s launch. This time around, fans worry features will be locked behind paywalls after Rockstar’s latest move.

Rockstar Games seemingly relish leaving their fans in a state; each time the fandom seems to gain equilibrium, the rug is pulled out from under them to leave them unbalanced once more.

Even Xbox is getting jumpy about this game, though not for the same reason as its fans.

Have you checked out the GTA Online 'Bottom Dollar' mission yet?

As you’ve likely already seen, GTA Online has unveiled a new free update which is now available to play. Exciting, right? Well, not anymore.

The ‘Bottom Dollar’ update was meant to entertain GTA fans while they wait (and wait) for the arrival of any new GTA VI news. However, a key feature becoming locked behind a paywall has tainted the experience.

Being able to own multiple businesses is part of the package when playing GTA Online. However, typically you have to visit said businesses to collect your earnings.

It’s a tedious process, you’ll agree.

Rockstar has removed the need to visit each one of these locations, but with the catch that you need to be a GTA Plus member first.

Coming in at £6.99 per month, Rockstar may not think the price too steep. Still, it all adds up when you’ve got other subscription fees coming out at the same time.

Not ignoring the fact that this feels like a feature that should be accessible for all, not just the select few who pay for it.

Consequently, GTA players are worried about what these means for in-game features in GTA VI – will they be locked behind paywalls as well?

With GTA VI already set to cause one major problem, the 2025 launch feels like a powder keg waiting to explode.

Hopefully, it’ll all work out for the best, but our optimism for such an outcome is waning.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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