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GTA 5 unveils major free update you can download this month

GTA 5 unveils major free update you can download this month

It's time for another thrilling ride

Rockstar Games is really enjoying the power it wields right now as we all scramble for more GTA VI details. While this article isn’t about the second trailer, it is about a major free update coming your way.

After GTA Online pulled a fan-favourite feature without any warning, players were feeling a little sore.

Then insult was added to injury when we discovered that Life By You has been cancelled – it’s like we’re not allowed to have anything worthwhile in this life anymore!

We’re not certain this major free update will make you feel better about all these franchise losses, but it might take the edge off.

Check out the trailer for GTA Online 'The Bottom Dollar' below

Launching on 25 June, ‘The Bottom Dollar’ download will see fans bumping into Maude Eccles, only now her affairs are less focused on bounty hunting. This presents you with a new opportunity, which is to lead the Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement.

Rockstar’s description reads, “Work with Maude's daughter Jenette in GTA Online: Bottom Dollar Bounties to run down all manner of reprobate scum and claim bounties in this action-packed new update.”

Doesn’t that sound thrilling? And filled with all sorts of entertaining mayhem.

Maude isn’t the only callback, though, as players will also be meeting (and working) with Vincent Effenburger again. It’s a dysfunctional reunion!

None of this is the GTA VI update we’re owed, however, it’ll certainly keep us busy while Rockstar finds new ways to clown us.

Should you want to give give the finger to GTA VI metaphorically, there’s GTA 5.5 available; it’s an expansion that will have you asking “GTA VI who?”

Fan-made missions combined with official GTA Online ones will ensure we’re never without some grand theft auto for long.

Remember: if you want to start managing a large bounty hunting empire, its doors will open from 25 June onwards.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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