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GTA Online pulls fan favourite feature without warning

GTA Online pulls fan favourite feature without warning

No more heists

GTA Online is one of the biggest online games nowadays, with players either committing crimes, racing their car collection, or just vibing on the ferris wheel.

One of the biggest features of GTA Online is building your bank balance and that’s usually done through selling stolen cars, or heists.

GTA Online has received plenty of expansions and updates over the years

It’s one of these heists, one of the most valuable heists, that has been pulled offline without warning.

As of right now, the casino heists are offline due to an exploit. Rockstar Games aims to protect their players as much as they can and something like this can create instability for the game’s economy.

Now, it’s worth noting that it’s only the PC version of the game where this exploit could be carried out but this has meant that Rockstar Games has shut down the ability to set up arcades and casino heists.

There’s no information on just how players were exploiting the feature, but it’s likely through modding resulting in malicious hacks.

Heists are a big feature and a fan-favourite so it’s likely that Rockstar Games will implement a fix pretty quickly, however, there’s is no timeline on when players can expect the heists to return.

You can expect the feature to be down for a few days at the very least and, for now, stick to other means of earning money and messing around with your mates.

GTA Online has been a huge success and fans have been wondering how the online service will function when GTA VI launches next year as there has been no official word.

There’s no doubt that Rockstar Games plans to release a new version, as it’s basically printing money for them, but whether it drops on release of the long-awaited sequel, or whether we’ll be waiting until after the launch has calmed down, is yet to be understood.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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