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GTA 5 gets new free heist that's a hit with fans

GTA 5 gets new free heist that's a hit with fans

Fans are loving this new fan-made heist!

Missing the drama of heists from GTA V? Lucky for you, a dedicated fan has come to your aid, offering a new free heist that’s going down a storm with plays thus far.

We could keep watching the GTA VI trailer for the hundredth time, analysing every tiny detail, but why upset ourselves further knowing this game is still over a year away. In fact, it’s likely to be even longer than that now the release date has been pushed out of 2025.

Major delays are inbound, and with it, ‘The Fear’ is starting to be palpable.

Check out the GTA Offline: Counterfeit Cash Warehouse Heist for yourself below!

The fandom needs a way to occupy itself while the wait drags on. Although there are other huge downloads to keep you busy while you watch the never-ending count down, there’s also GTA Offline: Counterfeit Cash Warehouse Heist to consider.

“A new money pit has opened up in Los Santos! A counterfeit cash operation has started and this is where you come in. Head to their warehouse and steal all the counterfeit cash! Everything is located inside mule trucks so it will be easy to get to... of course, after you deal with the armed guards protecting the cash.”

It sounds like a thrilling job to be involved with; those who’ve played it already can’t sing its praises enough. One satisfied fan told the modder behind the heist, “Bro, make more online heists like these. Great work.”

In response, its creator explained that they intend to create further mods, they’re just not sure of what just yet. This seems more than fair considering how new this heist mod is – it’s only been available for a day or two. Consequently, the modder is focused on tightening up any glitches or bugs that get in the way of fans' enjoyment.

Should you not want to download a mod, there are still hidden missions to be found within some of the old GTA titles, like the mission recently discovered in GTA: San Andreas. Fans are, understandably, amazed to still be finding these hidden gems after all this time.

However you decide to while away the hours between now and GTA VI’s launch, there’s no denying there’s an abundance of ways to entertainment yourselves.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games, VxRuz_DanZ – 5mods

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