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GTA 6 isn't the only thing we're getting from Rockstar, dev confirms

GTA 6 isn't the only thing we're getting from Rockstar, dev confirms

We're gonna get it

If you thought Rockstar Games was going to drop everything else to solely focus on GTA VI, you’re about to be proven wrong.

Despite GTA VI easily being the biggest title Rockstar Games has developed thus far, it won’t be the only experience it’ll pour its resources into.

A major free download for GTA V has just been unveiled which hints at the other ways the developers will continue delivering GTA themed entertainment.

We've seen the GTA VI trailer so many times now, but let's watch it one more time... yeah?

Fans had prepared themselves for the above GTA Online update to be the last, given how much attention the new GTA title will require. However, Rockstar has come forward to put those concerns to rest.

Its promise for more isn’t exactly being shouted from the rooftops, but rather quietly referenced at the end of the blog post about the ‘Bottom Dollar’ update.

At the bottom of the post it says, “Plus, look out for new Drift and Drag Races in the Rockstar Creator, a host of new vehicles, experience updates, and tons more all arriving in GTA Online throughout summer and beyond.”

The “and beyond” are the key words here. Seemingly, this means that the devs have plans despite GTA VI being scheduled for an autumn 2025 release.

Although this appears to confirm that Rockstar isn’t ready to wave GTA Online off as it rides into the sunset, this doesn’t mean that the game won’t steadily wind down. It seems less likely now, but plans so often change, especially when a huge release looms.

Sadly, this isn’t the only major concern we have about the upcoming release, as there’s also the possibility of GTA VI burying another highly anticipated game under the weight of its domination.

With leaked loading times having us once again gearing up for what’s to come on the streets of Vice City, we can’t help but wonder whether we’ll even notice if a series gets quietly killed off...

Roll on autumn 2025!

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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