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GTA 6 leaked loading times unlike anything we've ever seen

GTA 6 leaked loading times unlike anything we've ever seen

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Leaked gameplay footage from GTA VI showing off the game's incredible loading times has absolutely blown fans away, and it's not hard to understand why.

GTA VI was officially announced as in development back in February 2022, and was finally properly unveiled to the world late last year. Most recently, we learned the game is still very much on track for its 2025 release date.

Of course most of you probably know that large parts of GTA VI leaked long before Rockstar Games ever showed anything official, and snippets of the in-development game continue to be pored over by obsessed fans.

One area in which GTA VI looks to have a marked improvement on GTA V is in its loading times, particularly transitions between the two main characters: Jason and Lucia.

We all already knew new-gen consoles are capable of impressive loading times, but one piece of leaked footage (which has since been scrubbed from the internet) shows the game's two protagonists in a motel.

In an instant, we see the game switch from Lucia to Jason instantly, a far cry from the character switching you're used to from GTA V.

Of course, some fans have pointed out the character switching in the leaked footage may only have been so quick because Jason and Lucia were near each other. Exactly how fast it loads between characters when they're on other ends of the map remains to be seen.

In any event, I think we can safely assume the average load times for GTA VI will be considerably less than anything we're used to from Rockstar Games. That does mean we're going to have make our peace with not spending upwards of five minutes looking at Rockstar's inimitable loading screen art, but I'm happy to bear that particular cross, to be honest.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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