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GTA 6 development update has gotten fans seriously excited

GTA 6 development update has gotten fans seriously excited

The GTA 6 fandom is close to exploding with all this excitement!

GTA fans are excited most of the time these days, however, this latest update for the upcoming game has sent the hyper train into overdrive.

It could be argued that that train has been in overdrive for some time now, especially with all the GTA VI “trailer 2” theories sending fans around the bend. However, this particular development update is grounded in much more reality than some of the more outlandish claims.

GTA VI still has a hold on us

Senior Rockstar Games developer Obbe Vermeij has revealed that there’s a new producer in town over at Rockstar that “everybody there is raving about”. Although Vermeji didn’t recall the name, fans have learnt that the new producer is Rob Nelson.

As many of you die-hard Red Dead Redemption players will know, Nelson was the producer for Red Dead Redemption 2, and thus has a lot of experience in ensuring next instalments in beloved franchises live up to expectations.

Needless to say, fans are delighted by the news he’s involved with GTA VI. “Rob Nelson is definitely a major part of the success at Rockstar, [I’m] so happy he got promoted.” Another fan said, “Anything and anyone from RDR2 is desperately welcome.”

After the recent Rockstar controversy surrounding the crunch, fans feel better knowing the GTA VI team is “in good hands”. There’s a lot of “talented people there” that are putting minds at ease; though some are curious why everyone was so worried in the first place – after all this time, it’s unlikely Rockstar intends to let the next GTA “flop”.

“Rob Nelson has been at Rockstar since GTA IV, and he was the producer for RDR2 which everyone loved, [with] many calling it the best game ever made,” explains a fan. “Rockstar isn't going to let just anyone lead the biggest budget video game ever made.”

Can we all rest easy now? Perhaps, though we suspect the fandom has no intention of quietening down until well after the game has launched. Even then, it’s likely the hype will live on.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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