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GTA 6 delay looking more likely following Rockstar controversy

GTA 6 delay looking more likely following Rockstar controversy

A delay isn't what anyone wants to hear connected to GTA VI right now

We already know that GTA VI fans are in a tailspin over Rockstar Games' recent behaviour, and we suspect this latest development will send them over the edge. Here we go... A delay to GTA VI is looking increasingly likely, we're sad to say.

If you've been following the news, you'll know that a recent development update from Rockstar Games was slammed for all its "broken promises". From there, things have only worsened, with this tumultuous situation turning into a powder keg that's dangerously close to an open flame.

We're more than content to sit and watch the GTA VI trailer some more – why don't you join us! You can tell us if you spot more secrets

In the past, Rockstar has been known to go into overdrive, creating "toxic 'crunch' practices" that have had a lasting impact on its staff; by forcing employees back into the office for the final phases of GTA VI, that toxicity will continue. Consequently, while a delay isn't what fans want to hear, it's hardly the end of the world, especially if the welfare of it creators are protected by such a delay.

If your moral compass is still struggling to see the benefits of a potential delay, how about this: we've already waited an extremely long time for this game to come, what difference with a slight delay really make? Besides, we want the next GTA to be the best it can be, and that won't be the case if members of staff are burnt out. Delays suck when it's for a game you love, but as someone who's sat through my fair share of delays for Dragon Age titles (need I say more?), I can assure you it's better to wait and get a solid game than to rush these things.

And let's not forget that we've still got a string of infromation coming in about GTA VI that tease at new details, like who the next celeb cameo will be. In short, it's not all bad. Delays might happen, they happen not – whatever comes next, it's for the good of the game.

Unless we're told otherwise, GTA VI is still scheduled for launch in 2025.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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