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Free Starfield bonus available right now for select users

Free Starfield bonus available right now for select users

Fancy getting more bang for your buck? Then this sweet Starfield deal could be for you

What a time to be a gamer right now – there’s just so much on offer, we’re spoilt for choice. Of course, it helps if you have all the consoles, but no matter how you slice it, deals are everywhere. Like scoring yourself a free Starfield bonus if you know where to look.

Love it or hate it, Bethesda’s latest RPG is taking the gaming community by storm, with sales of Xbox X increased by 1000 percent. Many gamers are wanting in on the action, but money is always a deciding factor in how easily people can get involved, which is likely why so many places are offering unique codes and discounts.

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Arguably the best of the bunch is being able to get a mystery Starfield collectable when purchasing a three month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for $45. No, it isn’t the cheapest deal you’ll find, but we can’t deny that Best Buy has us seriously tempted. Besides, when you see how much PlayStation Plus prices are about to increase, this deal really doesn’t seem that bad. That being said, if you feel that $45 is still too high, you can get the three month subscription without the collectable for just $31.49 (on Amazon).

There’s PC deals available too, such as PC Game Pass that has been discounted to just $21. However, these sweet deals are only available to US customers, meaning those outside of the US will need to look elsewhere; it sucks, we know.

Assuming you can enjoy these deals, it’s worth looking into even if you’re not a Starfield fan – Xbox Game Pass has a wide array of games on offer, meaning you can look elsewhere for adventure if the news that Starfield’s space travel is a “crushing disappointment” has put you off. Not that it should; while the travel might not be as envisioned, the game has pretty solid praise from fans, with players saying to “stick with it” to see the improvements just keep rolling in.

To check out the Best Buy deal, head here. Oh, and don’t forget Starfield is now officially out on Xbox and PC.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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