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Starfield fans insist the game keeps getting better if you stick with it

Starfield fans insist the game keeps getting better if you stick with it

Some games are an instant success, while others demand you invest your time into them to discover their beauty

Starfield is dividing the video gaming community left, right and centre. Arguably there are two camps, those for and those against, however, some believe that those who are hating on the game are doing so prematurely.

Since it opened up Early Access, it’s been revealed that only 6 percent of Xbox players are reaching level 10 in the game. Although this number is small, it’s worth noting that the game doesn’t actually launch until 6 September. What is more, a lot of players are making snap decisions about the game having only played a couple of hours; the main story alone is said to be between 30-40 hours, so this is designed to be a slow burn experience.

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Fans who’ve stuck with the game agree, with many insisting that people need to stick with it in order for them to realise its full potential.

On a Reddit thread (where else), user Honest-Programmer-39 said, “It turns out, as many discovered over the weekend, that Starfield is that rare gem of a game that just keeps getting better, richer, and more satisfying as time goes on.” They continued, “For me, Starfield just keeps getting better. I keep on discovering new things, from massive systems down to tiny details. This is a gorgeous, awe-inspiring experience that is far better at hour 35 than it was at hour 5.”

Thus followed many similar posts, praising the game for really coming into its own the further into it you get. “That quote from Todd Howard is so true. You get back what you give into this game,” said GuineaPigLover98, with another Redditor quick to agree, saying, “100%. It’s only after 5-6 hours that I started really enjoying myself. Let me put it this way, for the first time now I’m thinking about the game when I’m not playing it. It wasn’t like that at all the first day I played it.”

Starfield is narratively driven. It’s an RPG designed to open up possibilities, meaning you carve out your own path through the choices you make. Sure, there’s people getting upset over silly things, like the inclusion of a pronoun choice, but those rants are designed to distract you from what the game offers: depth and freedom to create your own story. Bethesda is exceptionally good at this, so it’s nice to see gamers warming up to its latest offering. After all, why else would Xbox X sales be up 1000 percent if not for the fact that people want this game?

Long may the joy this game brings continue. If it’s not for you, that’s perfectly okay – video games are subjective – but don’t go ruining it for those who love it. Let people enjoy what they like.

Starfield will launch on Xbox and PC on 6 September.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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