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‘Florida Joker’ demands $1-2 million from Rockstar for GTA 6 likeness

‘Florida Joker’ demands $1-2 million from Rockstar for GTA 6 likeness

The 'Flordia Joker' wants Rockstar Games to pay him millions for using his likeness in GTA VI.

Lawrence Sullivan, also known as the ‘Florida Joker’, posted another response to his likeness used in GTA VI, demanding payment from Rockstar Games.

Last week Rockstar blew fans away with the official reveal of GTA VI, in a trailer that showed off the stunning graphical improvements, introduced the main characters, and provided tiny glimpses of the game’s open world. While Vice City is now confirmed to return, GTA VI will reportedly feature an entire state for players to explore.

You can watch the full trailer for GTA VI below

Aside from looking amazing, the trailer also paid homage to some classic Florida memes that inspired the game’s characters, in-game events and general vibe.

This went down well amongst fans, with the ones from Florida stating the work Rockstar has done to capture their home is “too realistic,” but this is Rockstar Games we’re talking about so was there ever any doubt?

Unfortunately, some weren’t impressed with the trailer, namely Lawrence ‘Florida Joker’ Sullivan, whose likeness can be spotted in one shot of the trailer. The scene is a reference to Sullivan’s infamous mugshot picture from one of his arrests, which quickly became a meme due to his appearance resembling that of the DC comic character.

Following his initial response where he said “GTA, we gotta talk,” he’s followed up with another, though this time he’s begging for cold, hard cash for his likeness to remain in the game.

In his most recent TikTok he says: "We got to talk, GTA. We gotta talk. Or not, you got to give me like a mil or two … Florida Joker ain't having that. Y'all took my likeness, Y'all took my life."

Rockstar Games hasn’t responded to Sullivan’s demands, and likely never will given they have far bigger fish to fry.

GTA VI is expected to launch in 2025 for Xbox Series X/S and PS5, followed by a PC release sometime after.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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