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New Fallout games officially confirmed, but you're in for a wait

New Fallout games officially confirmed, but you're in for a wait

Yay... Oh, wait

We’ve known for some time that Fallout 5 is on the way, but what about other games in the franchise?

Apparently, they’re coming too.

Bethesda loves to reveal its hand too early, and we fear they may have done it again.

Unsure of where to begin on your Fallout journey? We have some suggestions

During an interview with Variety, Todd Howard was asked about the future of the Fallout franchise in the aftermath of the TV show’s success.

He replied, “The TV show, I feel like it took us 15 years from when I first started talking about it — but it was five years since Jonah and I first talked.”

“And games take a good five-ish years,” he continued. “So, we’re in plans for future games in this series, and nothing to talk about right now, but we’re always planning.”

As you can imagine, the fandom rushed to joke about the wait we’ll have to endure to see these plans come to fruition.

On Twitter, user @YungDagger808 said, “Likely won’t see it till 2030 lol.”

To which, someone else pointed out that’ll likely be longer than that, “Way after that. We're not getting Elder Scrolls VI till 2026 at the absolute earliest."

It’s wonderful to learn that Bethesda has many ideas about where to take this beloved series, but fans are finding it difficult to deal with the lack of details while plans are fleshed out over years.

Fortunately, there will be plenty of updates for current Fallout titles to keep us occupied in the meantime.

In fact, Fallout is set to return this year, though not quite as you know it.

There’ll always be some form of Fallout content to consume, especially in the wake of Amazon’s show. Nevertheless, the reality remains that any new Fallout titles beyond Fallout 5 won’t be coming for years yet.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks

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