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Fallout officially returns this year in surprising new release

Fallout officially returns this year in surprising new release

Did you want more Fallout?

Fallout is extremely popular and has always been, however, since the release of the Amazon Prime TV show, that popularity has only grown in magnitude and it seems everyone wants a crossover.

Of course, this week Fallout began its crossover with Fortnite, giving players an opportunity to unlock Fallout skins, but there’s one more crossover coming soon, it seems.

If you want to know where to start with the Fallout franchise, we've got you covered

According to leaks, Call of Duty will be getting Fallout content at some point this season, pointing to images of the game’s protagonists wearing vault suits.

The image that appeared on Twitter shows Captain Price and his crew of soldiers decked out in the familiar blue and yellow vault suits with Ghost holding an assault rifle painted with the same colours.

Just when this crossover will drop is anyone’s guess but usually Call of Duty has a big mid-season update that adds new content.

While you might think this a weird meeting of two franchises, it’s not a surprise given just how white hot the Fallout property is right now, and how much Activision loves their partnerships across pop culture.

Call of Duty has recently incorporated hiphop artists, Gundam, and even comedy stoners Cheech and Chong. Nothing is off the table for the popular shooter.

While this is sure to be a hit with some players, others have their doubts on this one and social media users aren’t sold on the crossover.

It seems many don’t believe this to be a worthwhile venture for Call of Duty and deem the Fortnite crossover to be leagues better due to its inclusion of the traditional power armour and being able to fight against Fallout enemies in the battle royale.

Of course, the Fallout content is sure to make Activision money as fans fork over cash for the latest crossover event.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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