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The Elder Scrolls 6 trailer teased as Bethesda boss shares update

The Elder Scrolls 6 trailer teased as Bethesda boss shares update

Finally, an update

We’re still years off The Elder Scrolls VI from the look of things, though a recent tease from Bethesda’s boss fills us with hope.

It’s actually hard to believe that the last Elder Scrolls game to be released was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 13 years ago, and the Elder Scrolls Online doesn’t count, I mean a proper Elder Scrolls game.

Check out the teaser trailer for The Elder Scrolls VI below

While The Elder Scrolls VI is in full development at the moment, it still seems like it’s a far cry from releasing anytime soon, especially since it was weirdly absent from the latest Xbox Showcase.

It’s now over six years since that initial teaser was first shown off, and the patience of fans is definitely starting to wear thin.

That being said, it's not just the fans who are waiting for the game, as Bethesda exec Todd Howard is patiently waiting for more.

In a recent interview with MrMattyPlays, Todd Howard reflected on that E3 teaser, and said "That did make me pause.”

He went on to say "Now that we're working on The Elder Scrolls VI and we get to see it in the studio, you do miss it. I appreciate all of those thoughts and are with the fans [...] We're working hard on it. One day, we'll have it for everybody."

That’s all well and good but we still don’t know anything about the elusive title, so who knows what surprises the team at Bethesda is cooking up for returning players.

To be fair the wait for The Elder Scrolls VI isn’t nearly as bad as the wait for Fallout 5, which is said to only enter development after the release of the next Elder Scrolls game. It has been said that Xbox is wanting to launch the title sooner, and is considering handing it off to a different developer, something that hasn’t been done since Fallout: New Vegas.

The wait for The Elder Scrolls VI continues, but I'm sure the next few years will fly by in a flash…

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

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